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A local's travel guide to Milford

Travel guide brought to by Julie from Plan my play.
Last updated 12 January 2013

Introduce me to Milford, NZ

Milford Beach, Auckland, NZ

Milford Beach, Auckland, NZ

  1. 1

    Milford is a small wealthy seaside suburb at the start of the East Coast Bays beaches, wedged between Takapuna Beach and Castor Bay. Highlights of the suburb include Milford Beach and Lake Pupuke.

  2. 2

    There is a small but upmarket shopping mall catering for boutique stores, 2 supermarkets and a stretch of classical New Zealand suburban shops.

  3. 3

    At the northern end of Milford Beach is a large reserve (park) boarding the Milford Marina and the estuary as it heads out to sea. The reserve has a couple of volleyball nets, a huge grassed area for sports, children’s playground, BBQ for hire and loads of trees to climb. Milford Beach itself has golden sands, is great for swimming but most people are out walking dogs and exercising. The beach is lovely with volcanic rock pools when the tide is out and easy, safe swimming for kids.

  4. 4

    There is a fabulous walk between Milford and Takapuna beaches, over rocks and some boardwalks and through Thorns Bay, a beach only accessible by foot. This is a favourite walk for locals, but you do need sturdy footwear and not appropriate with a pram.

  5. 5

    Most of the suburb also backs onto Lake Pupuke, a large volcanic lake, ideal for wind surfing and rowing regattas. The Milford side of the lake can be accessed from Sylvan Park or the Quarry, behind North Shore Hospital. Beware the swans at the lake, whilst pretty, can be aggressive.

Milford Accommodation

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Highlights of Milford

  1. 1

    Walking between Milford and Takapuna Beach

  2. 2

    Lake Pupuke

  3. 3

    Milford Mall

  4. 4

    North Shore Hospital

Downsides to Milford?

  • 1

    Due the popularity of the beach, parking can be tough sometimes. Be prepared to walk a few blocks in summer!

  • 2

    If you’re walking between the beaches, it’s a long walk there and back. Walking back along the Hurstmere and Kitchener Road can be a little quicker.

  • 3

    Dog restrictions do apply, so you’ll need to take note of the hours ‘off leash’ on the signposts in the carpark. These dog friendly hours do change from beach-to-beach due to local bylaws.

Where to stay in Milford

Ideally walking distance to the beach. However the suburb is also very close to Takapuna, so accommodation in either location is great. The suburb is also home to North Shore Hospital and some accommodation is located around the hospital as opposed to near the beach end of the suburb.

How long to go for

You could easily spent half a day walking between Milford and Takapuna Beach. The Takapuna side of the beach has more accessible options for stopping for lunch or a snack.

Shopping in Milford

The Milford Mall and suburban shopping strip are practical and local orientated, rather than specialty stores. Although the mall has a good collection of upmarket clothing stores. Of note in the main street are a couple of antique and gift shops, including one store selling steamship trunks.

Getting around in Milford

You can easily walk between the shops and the beach and buses regularly head through Milford to Takapuna or the Smales Farm busway (to town). However most people will have a car. There is plenty of parking.

Key tourist streets

Kitchener Rd
The mall and shops are on this street

Milford Rd
Takes you from Kitchener rd to the beach

Shakespeare Road
Key street to reach the hospital, buses to the city or motorway.

Milford Reserve
Large park with parking and the playground

Last updated 12 January 2013

Travel guide brought to by Julie from Plan my play

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