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A local's travel guide to Mt Maunganui

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Last updated 08 November 2012


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Introduce me to Mt Maunganui, NZ

  1. 1

    Mt Maunganui is a surf town that built up around the long beach. In the 70’s it was largely made up of holiday homes, but as Tauranga grew it now has a large resident population.

  2. 2

    The population swells massively in the summer months, so the actually township is quite big and supports many cafes, shops and restaurants. It is an outdoorsy town, hosting loads of sports events and competitions. With opportunities to surf, dive, fish, play golf, cycle etc.

  3. 3

    The central focus of the town is the long surf beach and “the Mount”, the iconic mountain Mauao. At the base of the Mount are thermal hot pools and a string of cafes/ice cream shops and large apartment blocks. The actually township shops are a further 5 mins walk down the central road.

  4. 4

    You can walk around the Mount; a pleasant, reasonably flat and pushchair friendly track around the base of the mountain - takes around 45min. Or you can opt for the much steeper walk up the hill. The views of the surrounding area make the hike worthwhile, but don’t underestimate it, it’s quite a hike. Takes around 2hrs round trip, depending on your fitness levels. If your fit and fast you can be up and down in 45min.

  5. 5

    Mt Maunganui is a destination in itself but is also only 10mins drive from central Tauranga . You can stay here or in Tauranga as a base to visiting the Bay of Plenty region.

Mt Maunganui Accommodation

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Highlights of Mt Maunganui

  1. 1

    Climbing up or walking around the Mount “Mauao”

  2. 2

    Sunshine, beach and surf

  3. 3

    Top notch cafes and restaurants

  4. 4

    Hot pools

Downsides to Mt Maunganui?

  • 1

    Parking along the beach near the base of the Mount can be tough. Many people are walking around or up so the turnover of carparks is slow. Plus there are many other appeals to this part of town; the walks, the beach, the hot pools and the cafes, creating pressure on the carparks.

  • 2

    Whilst parking is tough in town, accommodation and supermarkets/ mall is quite spread out, so having a car is still ideal. However it is nice and flat, so a bike is a good option.

Where to stay in Mt Maunganui

There is masses of accommodation options spread all the way down to Papamoa . The best place to stay is between the mainstreet and the mount, as you’ll hardly need your car, but it’s the most expensive. If you have a car, then it’s easy enough to stay anywhere along this peninsula as it’s all walking distance to some part of the beach.

How long to go for

You can do/see the Mount attractions in a day. The walks, the town, the hot pools. However it’s an easy place to stay, sit back and relax and enjoy a couple of days to a week at the beach.

Shopping in Mt Maunganui

The township is mostly cafes, restaurants, gift and surf shops. Most of the shops in town are smaller chains or boutique stores, making it interesting shopping. About 10 mins drive down the road is Bayfair Mall, with 2 supermarkets and standard large scale retail shops found throughout NZ.

Getting around in Mt Maunganui

There is a good bus service running between the township and the mall, (bus runs at least once an hr) so it’s quite possible to get by without a car. However the vast majority of visitors here would have a car.

Key tourist streets

Maunganui Road
The main township and shops start below Mt Drury.

Start of Marine Parade
The road running along the beach

Bayfair Mall
The mall and supermarkets

Last updated 08 November 2012

Travel guide brought to by [Name] from [Business]

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