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Last updated 11 October 2012


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Introduce me to Adelaide, South Australia

  1. 1

    Adelaide is a great example of a planned city. Designed in 1836, it was perfectly positioned on the flat between the hills and the coast. Which means that the CBD is a lovely grid pattern, easy to get around with planned transport and surrounded by parks. All of which makes Adelaide very liveable and lovely, but lacking in eccentricities.

  2. 2

    As a city Adelaide is easy to get around, as there’s a free bus around the grid of the city and it’s position means the beach and coast is only only 20-30 mins from the city.

  3. 3

    Adelaide is often called a “livable” city, as there are a tonne of parks and the thing to do is wander and walk and picnic on the outskirts of the CBD in one of a truckload of green spaces. North Adelaide being the most famous as home to Botanic Gardens.

  4. 4

    Adelaide is a grown up’s city. The main attractions are the museums, art galleries and of course wine and food. It’s tagline was also a city of churches, so loads of historical and picturesque buildings to wander around too. Which all adds up to giving Adelaide a reputation of being a bit boring in comparison to Sydney or Melbourne. We disagree, but your expectations should be of enjoying the best of life rather than constant excitement.

  5. 5

    Where Adelaide is a bit more youthful and let your hair down is in the live music scene and festivals. There’s a tonne of festivals in March, the Adelaide Fringe Festival; the Southern hemisphere’s version of the Edinburgh festival. WOMADelaide, huge 4 day world music festival, Clipsal 500; the V8 supercar championship, a street race between Ford and Holden.

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Last updated 11 October 2012

Travel guide brought to by [Name] from [Business]

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