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Last updated 19 December 2012


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Introduce me to Auckland Region, NZ

Auckland Region - Looking at Rangitoto Island

Auckland Region - Looking at Rangitoto Island

  1. 1

    Auckland region is a vast area covering all the way from Bombay Hills in the South to Whangaporaoa Peninsula and Warkworth in the North. If you don’t plan on having a car, then look at Auckland instead.

  2. 2

    Auckland region strip is quite narrow strip of land in parts and you can walk between (2-3hrs) the coasts. The eastern coast is lined with white sandy beaches and the western side is wind swept black sand beaches. With both sides being cut into by the two harbours - the Waitema harbour, central city and the Manukau Harbour in the south.

  3. 3

    Auckland region is broken in 3 areas, Auckland proper, then North of Auckland and South of Auckland.
    The city of Auckland can be broken into 6 distinctive regions. Central Suburbs , East , West , North, North of Auckland, South Auckland and the area south of Auckland .

  4. 4

    Auckland is made up of a series of volcanoes and the land is very hilly. One of the best ways to ‘see’ Auckland is from the top of one of these volcanoes or vantage points; like Mt Eden, One Tree Hill or the Musuem in the Domain.

Auckland Region Accommodation

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Highlights of Auckland Region

  1. 1

    Views and vantage points from across the many mountains

  2. 2

    The harbour and the surrounding beaches

  3. 3

    The cafe culture

  4. 4

    Cosmopolitan nature of the city

Downsides to Auckland Region?

  • 1

    Public transport. For the locals it’s terrible, but if you’re just traveling around the CBD and central suburbs it’s good enough.

  • 2

    Auckland is very spread out. Seeing the vantage points, mountains, views and lovely walks and beaches are hard to get to or between without a car.

  • 3

    The weather is very changeable, if it’s sunny in the morning it might not last or vice versa.


Where to stay in Auckland Region

Auckland region is really large and spread out, it can take over 1hr to drive to parts of the city. Without a car, you’ll need to stay in the central suburbs, CBD or Devonport, within close reach of public transport. If you have a car, then anywhere in Auckland is accessible, see our detail local guides for more info on the advantages or downsides to specific areas.

How long to go for

You could happily spend 2-3 days in seeing the central sites of Auckland. With more time, you’d be able to explore Rangitoto or Waiheke islands, possibly head out towards the West Coast Beaches, or discover the more specific areas, like Matakana, Mission Bay or Howick.

Shopping in Auckland Region

When your looking at the Auckland region there are a couple of distinctive shopping regions. However every little suburb / village has local suburban shops. Distinctive shopping areas include; Auckland CBD, Parnell, Ponsonby & Newmarket. Then there are large suburban shopping areas, usually centered around a mall such as St Lukes in the West, Sylvia Park, Botany out towards the East, Manukau in the South and Glenfield, Takapuna & Albany on the North Shore.

Getting around in Auckland Region

Auckland transport is terrible. It’s very variable with some areas well serviced with regular timetables and other areas with little coverage. If you plan to go to/from the CBD, there is reasonable access. Travelling across the region is much harder. If you plan to spend more than a couple of days in Auckland, think about hiring a car to make the most of your time and go beyond the central areas.

Key tourist streets

Queen St
The main strip of Auckland's CBD

Tamaki Drive
The road that runs along the waterfront towards Mission Bay, overlooking the water

Federal St & Custom St
The main access road from the CBD to the motorway heading North or South

State highway 1
Main motorway from Hamilton and over the Harbour Bridge

Last updated 19 December 2012

Travel guide brought to by [Name] from [Business]

Auckland Region in Pictures Images by panoramio

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