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Kurrara Historic Guest House

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Review Summary

56% Based on 1 reviews
40.0% Ok
60.0% Good
Value for Money
40.0% Ok
40.0% Ok
Service / Staff
20.0% Terrible
60.0% Good


  • Close to points of interest
  • Close to restaurants/shops
  • Clean bathrooms


  • Odd atmosphere
  • Not very welcoming
  • Food was expensive
  • Breakfast was poor
  • Limited food options

Reviews of Kurrara Historic Guest House


Img-quote Kurrara Guest House"

A cute, clean bed and breakfast without the breakfast. Was very disappointed to find as we left to be charged $20 for 2 pieces of toast and a bowl of cereal. The fireplace didn't work although we paye... more

Grace, Australia, April 2011 - Couple


A great place to stay for...
Walking/Hiking, Fun/activities, Adventure

Kurrara Historic Guest House

Hi Grace, come back and stay with us at Kurrara. We are the new owners, and you will be happy to know that a quality continental breakfast is now part of the package. We have made lots of positive changes and a program of refurbishment is underway. Judging by our online reviews our guests are more than satisfied.

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