Pricing Plans.

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FREE plan

Get your business listed and have customers leave reviews
  1. Create a listing for your property
  2. Add images
  3. Add lots of extra details
  4. Receive alerts for new reviews
  5. Respond to customer's reviews
Fossick doesn't sell accommodation, so you won't be asked for rates or availability. It takes about 15 minutes to sign up. Do it now!
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Upgrade to the

Nearly FREE plan

All the stuff you get with the FREE plan plus
  1. Link to your website
  2. Add your phone number
  3. Add an email contact
Into Social Media
  1. Add a link to your twitter or facebook pages
Contact info is displayed on your summary page. If customers use the link to book - it's commission free.
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Upgrade to the

Still Very cheap plan

Get all the features of the FREE and Nearly FREE plans, plus get something extra to stimulate more reviews and promote your favourite reviews.
  1. Sticky review selector

Got a great review that you want every customer to read? Make it 'sticky' so that it shows ahead of your other reviews.

  1. Thank and Remind emails

Send guests a 'thank you for staying' note with a link on how to add a review. This is a great way to remind and encourage guests to review their stay.

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or upgrade to the

Make it happen PLAN

No time or need some help?
Fossick or one of our partners can sort your listing out for you and help you start down the path of getting reviews.

  1. Set up your listing
  2. Upload & adjust your images
  3. Set up your "thank and remind emails"
  4. Help you get your first 5 reviews
  5. Walk you through leaving an owners response
  6. Help you select a sticky review

5 Easy Steps to Join

Register and add your property or claim your property's existing page.